Hi There!
Looking to Promote your Music!

Well this is the Right place!
 I am a Dancer! and I will help you Promoting your Music with My dance Skills

Important Note: Please Contact me before you Order!

If you have a preference of a style of Dance you want me to promote with you can select the Styles bellow:

Style of Dances:

  • HipHop
  • Pop and Lock
  • Dubstep
  • Freestep
  • Tutting
  • Bone Breaking
  • Animation(Robotics).

A minimum Basic Gig is $15
and you get:
10 seconds of Freestyle in SD Quality.

Charges for :Freestyle

  • 10 seconds = $5(+$10=SD, +$15=HD, +$20=FULLHD)
  • 1 minute = $30(+$10=SD, +$15=HD, +$20=FULLHD)

Charges for 

  • 10 Seconds = $10(+$10=HD, +$15=HD, +$20=FULLHD)
  • 1 Minute = $60(+$10=HD, +$15=HD, +$20=FULLHD)


  • 7 days( for extra fast Check on Gig Extra)

If you want to see my FreeStyle Dance videos click on the link bellow:


If you want to see my Choreography Dance videos click on the link bellow:



  • I will not Dance to any Explicit or Inappropriate song!
  • I will Only dance to Clean Songs 

Contact me For more Info!