Need to have a business video done? 

 The video is changing the face of marketing, and we’re at the front of the evolution. We use marketing savvy and artistic vision to create compelling top-of-class videos that captivate and engage at the best price and highest quality. 

 The types of videos we made: 
 ✓ video for YouTube and TV (editing, animation etc.) 
 ✓ motion graphics 
 ✓ kinetic typography, explainer videos 
 ✓ whiteboard animation 
 ✓ infographics video 
 ✓ voice over, music, SFX 

 Tools we use: 

Adobe Creative Cloud (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Audition etc)
Cinema 4d

All I need is a transparent logo and a slogan or webpage text
The rest is on me.