I have 6 year experience in GIS data field. I can do the below for you:

1. Shapefile creation just like point line polygon. 

2. Geo reference,  

3.spatial adjustment 
4.cadastral work, 

5.any type of map etc…

6 Cadastral Mapping Work

7 Thematic Mapping Work- Digital Elevation Model, Contour Data & map, Slope Data, Elevation Data 

8 Digitization Just like Road, Drainage, Waterbodies, Canal, Building, Settlement, forest area, agriculture Area, barren land etc

9. Area Calculation  

10. Land Mark Creation.

11. Map Compose in any format with high resolution just like png, tiff, jpg, mrsid etc

12 Union Data

13 Intersect Data and attribute data

14 Buffer creation     

15 Extract Images 

 if you give me a project work i will never disappoint you.