Coach you on league of legends For the Basic package, you will get a coaching of the general game knowledge of league of legends.

For the Standard package, you will get a more in details coaching, I will spectate your game and we will call together and talk about your mistakes and what you could do better.

For the Premium package, we will almost do the same things as in the Standard package, except I will go in depth in your laning phase or jungle pathing.

I have mained all roles, so I can tell you what you’re doing wrong pretty well, even thought you will get the best experience if you’re looking for a top/jungle/bot coaching.

I am currently Diamond 2, so you’ll get good coaching for a good price.

I will watch two of your games for each package, except for the Premium one.

In the Premium package I will watch 3 of your games.

Contact me for the price!